CIAA Mission Statement and Strategic Vision

The mission of the CIAA is to demand and support the highest standards of integrity and achievement among our member institutions, their athletic programs and the individual student-athlete; demonstrating a commitment to education, community and competitive sportsmanship that honors both our tradition and our future as the nation's first historically black collegiate athletic conference and most recognized conference in Division II.


The CIAA will continue to light the way forward for its member institutions and all Division II colleges and universities through a tradition of athletic excellence, educational opportunity and community involvement; focused always on the personal growth and development of the student-athlete. The CIAA will assist members in maintaining the integrity of their athletics programs through the knowledge and enforcement of NCAA policies and conference regulations as an integral part of each institution's efforts to provide sound educational and athletic opportunities for men and women.


The CIAA encourages the ongoing development of supportive but challenging academic environments and an atmosphere of respectful competition, and the unwavering belief that the welfare of the student-athlete is most important. The CIAA recognizes full participation by all eligible institutions and student-athletes in conference championship programs. The CIAA proudly promotes and fosters a commitment to fair play, ethical conduct, sportsmanship, rivalry and tradition.


The CIAA will continue to seek and develop ways to increase exposure for member institutions through sponsorships, partnerships and innovative media programs. The CIAA will energize and encourage students, alumni, faculty, staff and the public at-large to support a conference that has a proud and long-standing tradition of excellence and an exciting future ahead.